Batman v Superman: L’Aube de la Justice

  • États-Unis Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (plus)
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États-Unis, 2016, 151 min (Édition spéciale : 183 min)


Zack Snyder


Jerry Siegel (bande dessinée), Joe Shuster (bande dessinée) (plus)


Larry Fong


Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Gal Gadot, Kevin Costner (plus)
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Craignant que Superman n'abuse de sa toute-puissance, le Chevalier noir décide de l'affronter : le monde a-t-il davantage besoin d'un super-héros aux pouvoirs sans limite ou d'un justicier à la force redoutable mais d'origine humaine ? Pendant ce temps-là, une terrible menace se profile à l'horizon... (Warner Bros. FR)

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français Probablement le pire DC de tous. J’ai attendu jusqu’au tiers, jusqu’à la moitié, jusqu’aux deux tiers, pour enfin assister à quelque chose d’intéressant et à un scénario pas trop stupide. Jesse Eisenberg ferait mieux de s’abstenir de jouer et je ne comprends pas comment Woody Allen a pu faire appel à lui (et pas qu’une fois). Il vaudrait mieux tout oublier et refaire une autre histoire, éventuellement en repartant de zéro. ()


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français Pour les fans, le meilleur sexe de leur vie; pour les spectateurs occasionnels, une inaccessibilité difficile à avaler. L'ancrage de Nolan de Batman dans la réalité a été remplacé par l'univers étendu et complexe de Snyder. En raison du nombre de personnages et de leurs motivations encore plus nombreuses, cela aurait besoin d'un rythme plus calme et d'une durée encore plus longue. Malgré cela, une expérience captivante avec une musique consciente de Man of Steel (aucune trace des motifs de Batman de la trilogie de Nolan). Dans le dernier tiers, les exigences de l'attention du spectateur diminuent et une fin de geek arrive. Superbe lien d'introduction avec Man of Steel. Affleck est cool. ()



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anglais Reading all the nerd theories and analyses of how far Snyder's vision actually reaches is fine. It clarifies a lot and provides the opportunity to look forward to the DC version, but on the other hand, it indicates the fact that it doesn't give a damn about the average viewer because if you don't get on the geek bandwagon, those characters without proper motivations will eventually beat you to death in 2.5 hours. The digital finale is fine. But the futile relationship with the (foster) mothers? Not so much. PS: This is the most boring music from Zimmer in 15 years. PPS: In the Ultimate version, I especially appreciate Jena Malone's 20 seconds, which paradoxically adds a more meaningful dimension to Lois Lane. The rest of it is rather subtle directional cues for viewers to clarify motivations, but there is no epic sweep. It’s just a more sweeping comic book movie that wants to set a more mature tone with its Nolan-esque bleakness but gets too overwhelmed with unnecessary visual gluttony and is stripped of perspective. ()


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anglais Three-hour Ultimate Edition; definitely a grown-up comic. This film is just like Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, it's similarly ambitious as an author, it's told on a grand epic scale, it wants to convey a lot, so the usual runtime isn't enough, it's just so sprawling that maybe it's detrimental to it and the average viewer won't appreciate it, which is a shame. Judging by the reviews, I was afraid of Eisenberg's overacted Lex Luthor, and unnecessarily so, I was also afraid Snyder would reveal his other self, again unnecessarily so (the 15 minutes or so of the fight with Doomsday were easily digestible), so my criticisms would be small, for example the reconciliation of Batman and Superman was too rushed, but otherwise it was fine and in the unedited ultimatum version everything made sense, everything fit together. The result was better (i.e. darker, more mature) than most of the overstuffed Marvel films for undemanding teenagers. And in retrospect I now appreciate the previous Man of Steel, though my complaints about the digital clutter remain. PS: A message to those who complain about the film being too dark: don't look at screen rips or low quality dvd-rips (1,5 GB and smaller), fools.... ()


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anglais A film so dark that you can’t see anything in most of the actions scenes, and to such extent that it looks as if the cinema was showing a low quality bootleg. The long expected duel between two of the most famous comic book characters unfortunately ends up in a rather uneventful scene (I counted only one interesting moment) where Batman and Superman beat the crap out of each other, only for their conflict to end with an incredibly cheap script cop-out so they can fight together some sort of big-eyed, digital extraterrestrial monkey, created in a weird way for weird reasons (the motivations of the lead villain, hello? Are you there?). Incidentally, you have to wait an ungodly long time for any action to happen, and when it finally happens, either you can’t see anything (as I’ve already said), or it is a confusing digital mess where lightning flashes around the aforementioned monkey, explosions are followed by explosions, and the experience equals zero. And on top of that, Lois Lane gives the right answer to a question form Batman she didn’t hear, or throws a spear into the water so she can dive for it later and almost die, without any dialogue that would reveal its importance or enough information to allow her to figure it out for herself. Disappointment. Probably the only positive thing in the end was Affleck as a grumpy Batman, I would love to see him in another film. PS: I gave Man of Steel 5*) ()

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