Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Canada Cinq nuits chez Freddy (plus)
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Le film met en scène la prise de service d’un agent de sécurité assez perturbé dans la pizzeria de Freddy Fazbear. Lors de cette première nuit, il se rend compte que les nuits chez Freddy ne sont pas de tout repos et qu’il pourrait bien ne pas revoir le jour. (Universal International FR)

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anglais Though a big success in cinemas, for me this is quite possibly the most useless mainstream horror film of the year. It is based on a famous game I've never played, but given the premise, I can't really imagine what it's about (I wonder if the game is as uninteresting as the film). Anyway, horror-wise, the film offers nothing appealing and I couldn't find anything to sympathize with. It's PG-13, so the gore, the only thing that could have livened it up a bit, is missing. Ironically, the jump-scares are also missing and there's no dark atmosphere either. The animatronics simply don't look scary or creepy, they look awkward, and this combination just can't work for me. Add to that uninteresting characters, a weak story and an unengaging pace, where I was really bored out of my mind. Really bad, (Cage's Wonderland at least had a great Cage and didn't lack gore). This is a horror movie for the kids (like budding future horror fans, OK), for horror veterans who have seen a thing or two it’s an ordeal 3/10. ()

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