Pour avoir voulu sauver un chien, Adam et Barbara Maitland passent tout de go dans l'autre monde. Peu après, occupants invisibles de leur antique demeure ils la voient envahie par une riche et bruyante famille new-yorkaise. Rien à redire jusqu'au jour où cette honorable famille entreprend de donner un cachet plus urbain à la vieille demeure. Adam et Barbara, scandalisés, décident de déloger les intrus. Mais leurs classiques fantômes et autres sortilèges ne font aucun effet. C'est alors qu'ils font appel à un « bio-exorciste » freelance connu sous le sobriquet de Beetlejuice. (La Pellicule Ensorcelée)


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anglais This is a legendary film by Tim Burton, which is legendary at least for me. I saw it once when I was a little boy and I remember only one thing - that I was completely captivated by it. Not so much because I was scared, but mainly because it enchanted me with the world of the dead, which was absolutely beautiful. And that still holds true. The worlds of the dead are simply more interesting in Burton's works than the worlds of the living. Although, the house where most of the film takes place is simply magnificent. The film, shot in places as a grotesque with great actors led by a completely unrecognizable Keaton, still gets to me. ()


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anglais Tim Burton was still in his directorial development when Beetlejuice was made, and thus the film didn't appeal to me as much as his other later efforts. The film's bleakly colorful atmosphere is captured perfectly and is very much typical of most of Burton's other films. The visual effects were absolutely perfect for their time - especially the likeness of the snake and the worm. The portrayal of the deceased was also flawless, as was Danny Elfman's great score. In short, a film that is imaginative as hell and somewhat funny, and while it's not something memorable, it deserves the 4* from me for the solid technical workmanship and cast. ()



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anglais I wasn’t able to enjoy the film as much as I did before. What I still liked was Michael Keaton's performance, but I was disappointed with the level of special effects. What annoyed me were the badly executed sand snakes. Had they been better, I would have kept my original rating, but I take it down to a 3*+. ()


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anglais Beetlejuice is a beautiful classic ghost story that remains popular thanks to Burton's other great films (and animated series). The old-school special effects are magical, the cast is wonderful: Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as the dead husbands, Michael Keaton in a perfect mask, Winona Ryder as the ideal goth teenager, and Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O'Hara as caricatures of modern businessmen. And last but certainly not least the legendary Sylvia Sidney, who shone in the 1930s... A joy to behold. In its time, there was genre competition in the form of the similarly successful High Spirits, but there is no need to choose between them. Both ghost stories are evergreens. ()


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anglais Burton's playful supernatural flick, which, thanks to the lead actor, belongs to the worse part of his body of work. I can't help it, but Keaton is an average actor who won't create an atmospheric effect with his overspoken appearance and tons of overacting. Fortunately, the gems of the film are the scenes of the miniature city, the traditionally Elfman-composed music, and the perfect gothic-depressive Winona Ryder. However, the childhood impressions were several classes above. ()

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