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anglais Icelandic teenagers and a tragic event that they did not anticipate. The modifier “intimate” takes on even greater significance here than is usual. The detailed depiction of the rising fear of losing a loved one and subsequently dealing with the resulting pain. The main character goes through that mostly in secret, without the understanding of those around her and thus all the more intensely. Though thin in terms of story, this small drama is sufficiently packed with emotions and psychology, and offers a nice, poetic ending. [Cannes FF]

Trois kilomètres jusqu'à la fin du monde

POMOTrois kilomètres jusqu'à la fin du monde(2024) 

anglais A procedural analysis of the actions of Eastern European villagers – the family of the injured party, the police and the father of those who are responsible – during the investigation of a crime and the subsequent handling of the facts that are brought to light. Though incomprehensible to the point of absurdity in the context of Western civilisation, those actions are well intentioned at the core of the characters’ limited way of thinking – albeit with a veil of nagging remorse. And even though the screenplay does not revolve explicitly around tragedy, the film holds the viewer’s attention with the brilliant structure of the dialogue and uncomplicated examination of the characters, while stimulating curiosity as to how it will develop. The same story with the same characters and dialogue could work just as well in the conditions of Poland or Slovakia. [Cannes FF]

The Shameless

POMOThe Shameless(2024) 

anglais Can it really be so bad in India? The transformation of pure feminine innocence into the only possible form of existence that is not submissive to the laws of the patriarchal jungle. In some poor Indian social classes, family values are not the same as they are with us. And what initially seems tempting to take the wrong path can eventually turn out to be a life preserver. Though it is inhumanely sad. The Shameless is a brutal, powerful drama with a screenplay rich in the depiction of cultural nuances, excellent acting and uncompromising directing. [Cannes FF]

Love Tap

StanislausLove Tap(2008) 

anglais Funny, romantic, brisk! In the span of a few minutes, we get to see the life of a man who dared to take a risk and grabbed his biggest chance by the short hairs. And even though it looked like it wasn't going to end well, there is a happy ending.

Le Château dans le ciel

StanislausLe Château dans le ciel(1986) 

anglais While Laputa: Castle in the Sky didn't wow me as much as Miyazaki's breathtaking "trilogy" (working title) Spirited AwayHowl’s Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke, it's still a highly above average animated film that stands tall in terms of quality. There is the typical Miyazaki motif of a girl/woman and a boy/man relationship, one of whom is not exactly an ordinary person. There are also some wonderful and elaborate scenes that are full of unbounded imagination. This time there is a certain visionaryism, with the conquest of a perfect place that seems at first sight unattainable. The film does not lack for a witty line, which is especially provided by the characters of the pirates, led by Dora. In short, another great cinematic experience, which is not unusual for Miyazaki, but practically a given.

The Hire: Hostage

StanislausThe Hire: Hostage(2002) 

anglais John Woo's Hostage is a terrifically action-packed and brisk representative of The Hire series of films, in which the tension gradually builds with the fast-paced rescue of a kidnapped woman.

Salo ou les 120 journées de Sodome

StanislausSalo ou les 120 journées de Sodome(1975) 

anglais Those already familiar withy the character of the Marquis de Sade (for example, in the 2000 biopic Quills) will understand the many scenes that are fundamentally full of perversion and depravity. De Sade was a man who vented his (highly perverse) desires into writing, so if you want to adapt some of his work cinematically, you have to expect that it won't be very nice to the eye (or the ears). I'd already encountered Pier Paolo Pasolini's fondness for depicting nudity and sex in his one-year-earlier Arabian Nights, but in Saló he adds a lot of more perverse, brutal and bloody scenes that at times (especially towards the end) reminded me of Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust (though that film wasn’t made until five years later, in 1980). The idea of unlimited power over human life is controversial enough on its own, and when you pile on scenes that make you wonder if you're also perverted while watching, you get the model template of a scandalous film. This film is damned by some, adored by others and ignored by others. I am one of those who wanted to see one of the most controversial films in the history of cinema out of curiosity. I can't give it a Boo! rating, because it wasn't completely bad and useless, but I can definitely say that I will never go back to it.



anglais Nice, authentically acted and very conversational. In Weekend, two different worldviews clash in opinion, but it's impossible to side with either of them. Both main characters have their own truth, life direction and purpose, which begs the question of whether they can be together despite their many differences. A dynamic but brief relationship between two people who meet by chance and only have one weekend to get to know each other and have a wonderful time. In short, a very well made and to some extent very intimate film that stands out for its universal theme and the performances of the two leading actors.



anglais A very original film in Woody Allen oeuvre, which did not make me laugh as much as, for example, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion or Scoop, but I rather enjoyed the unconventional style and the idea itself. The film is a kind of documentary about a fictional man, Leonard Zelig, who caused a sensation in the 1920s and 1930s, and Allen manages to weave this "chameleon" into history so well that it seems as if Zelig actually ever existed. The most imaginative scene (at least for me) was the spoiling of Hitler's speech. All in all, a fairly atypical film for Allen, and one that appealed to me more for its premise and technical execution than its humor.

My Father Die

EvilPhoEniXMy Father Die(2016) 

anglais A pretty OK grindhouse B-movie that has great characters and is properly gritty. There's rape, some gore, the action showdown is very cool, but apart from that the film doesn't have much else to impress. For me, however, it was enough for one viewing. 60%.



anglais I didn't enjoy this at all. An hour-long conversation where nothing interesting or exciting happens. Boring as fuck. 40%.



anglais If you don't have a problem with India, here's a tip for an interesting thriller based on true events. The story revolves around a plane that is hijacked by terrorists and highlights the acting performance of the chief stewardess, whose courage earned her a medal for bravery and actually made her an icon of India. There is not much to add, it is suspenseful, nicely shot and very realistic. Those who like films on similar themes should not hesitate. 75%

American Gods - Le Verger des os

EvilPhoEniXAmerican Gods - Le Verger des os(2017) 

anglais Compelling philosophical reflections, great actors, amazing gore orgy and breathtaking visuals. I'm getting more or less what I like from the series, so I'm satisfied. 85%

On l’appelle Jeeg Robot

EvilPhoEniXOn l’appelle Jeeg Robot(2015) 

anglais The Italian version of Deadpool is a refreshing genre film that is very pleasant to watch. It's got pace, decent action, cool visuals and there's some violence, but I certainly wouldn't go overboard with the words (too much blood for Europe) Italy is far from the French. Interesting piece.75%

Trash Fire

EvilPhoEniXTrash Fire(2016) 

anglais I avoided the film for a long time, which makes it all the more worthwhile at the end. I laughed a lot for the first half hour. The ego of the arrogant main character was over the line, but that's what made it interesting. Once the action shifts to grandma's house the blackly humorous comedy becomes a disturbing, slightly twisted and gripping thriller that sticks out in its originality. Very good, even surprising entertainment. 75%

Alien : Covenant

EvilPhoEniXAlien : Covenant(2017) 

anglais Enjoyable shit!! Covenant has a slightly longer run-up than I would have liked and the opening isn't very engaging, but anyway, the 15-strong crew makes it clear from the start that the horror viewer is not going to be short of a high body-count, and it isn't. As soon as the crew sets off to visit a new planet, a densely atmospheric, juicily brutal (finally a decent use of the R-rating), visually arresting and at times goosebump-inducing inferno begins, and it doesn't let up until the climactic finale, which lasts around half an hour and meets the strictest criteria of a true horror fan. Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston are absolutely amazing, the white xenomorph is one of the most attractive creatures I've ever had the opportunity to see on screen, Baby Alien and the unexpected final denouement are also satisfying. Overall, it's got decent balls especially when the Alien is rampaging on screen. If it wasn't for the slower opening, I'd go for the full score. Nerds and nitpickers will probably grumble, others might be satisfied. Interesting fact: one old man was so turned on to the alien that he had to see it even at the cost of not being able to walk. Apparently, he wanted a repeat of the theatrical opening like 38 years ago. Story 8/10, Atmosphere 9/10, Gore 8/10, Visuals 10/10, Action 8/10, Suspense 8/10,Humor 2/10. Entertainment 8/10, Scares 3/10. 85%.

Love Hunters

EvilPhoEniXLove Hunters(2016) 

anglais A fairly likable little kidnap thriller that entertains and manages to thrill at times, but disappoints all the more because there is no explicit violence or rape and it lacked an interesting twist. As it is, it doesn't have much to stand out from the competition. Mom and Dad is both similar and significantly better. 60%



anglais I like sports dramas and I was really looking forward to Challengers since the first trailer. Luca Guadagnino is a guarantee of quality filmmaking and he delivers a solid sports romance that, although a little scrappy at times in the second half, but Zendaya pulls all the attention to herself. The finale is nicely suspenseful, nice camera work, decent performances and overall a good film, but one I won't be watching again (I enjoyed the Williams sisters with Will Smith a tad more, there were stronger emotions there as well). 70%

Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor

EvilPhoEniXHell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor(2023) 

anglais Atmospheric found footage inferno!!! I didn't think I'd ever be scared to go to the toilet after watching a horror movie, but here I was, like, super uncomfortable. I don't mind ghosts or demons, I don't mind heads and dicks being cut and guts flying around, but I downright hate mannequins and clowns and this combo is deadly to me. Also adding a lot to the atmosphere was the fact that I watched this film at 3am and when you are going back to your hotel at night it can sometimes be scary, I almost took out my torch and the walk up to the second floor was almost reminiscent of Silent Hill! Already in the first story you could sense that the filmmakers have talent despite the limited budget, but I was bothered by the chaotic camera and the distracting images, it was still kind of The Blair Witch Project style with an epileptic touch, where you can't see much and the camera shakes like pensioners in front of a supermarket at 7am, but here all these flaws are absent. The cinematography is beautifully polished, and visually it's immediately a more attractive film, and to me, more likeable. Plus the film has the potential to be an interesting crime mystery, based around the wealthy Carmichael family of the huge mansion I have a soft spot for. So here we have a group of three investigators who decide to spend five nights in this mansion, as they suspect it is haunted, and it is! From about 40 minutes onwards, it goes into full horror mode with the scariest clowns I've ever seen, and every shot of them gave me chills and uncomfortable anxiety. The camera work is downright masterful and I can say the same for the sound design, where some of the scares tingled with me properly, as they should. The atmosphere is bleak and very much evil, the pacing by the end is so intense that I wished it was already over, because I was afraid that I might not be able to physically handle any more revelations! I also praise the very innovative haunted attractions (for example the scene where we only watch a sequence of photos that start to get progressively more creepy was brilliant), here even James Wan would give a standing ovation! A found footage gem with proper creepy vibes. I'm bumping it up to full score because I haven't had a more intense horror experience since The Conjuring and The Host. An underrated masterpiece that is downright hell to watch. 9/10.