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Sound of Freedom est un thriller librement inspiré de l’histoire d’un agent fédéral américain qui se lance dans une opération de sauvetage au péril de sa vie, pour libérer des centaines d'enfants prisonniers de trafiquants sexuels. (SAJE Distribution)

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anglais A crime drama-thriller based on true events about the kidnapping of children and their subsequent sexual enslavement. Alejandro Monteverde made a film that created a big buzz and became an unexpected financial hit overseas. It has a strong message on a sensitive subject and parents may not be comfortable watching it, although there are no explicit scenes. For me it was a sort of light version of Vega's Small World which took paedophiles in its stride without any pretensions and served a very strong stew that was not nice to watch (I recommend it if you haven’t seen it), so unfortunately I can't avoid the comparison. The story focuses on a federal agent (James Caviezel) who decides on his own to rescue two siblings who have recently been kidnapped. Directionally, the film is on a decent level, likewise with the acting, the capture of the paedophiles in the opening was fine, it had a bit of a darker atmosphere at times, but most of the time the film flows slowly and nothing much interesting happens. At least the Colombian jungle finale was interesting, it gave it a bit of exoticism, and the realistic shots at the end were also nice. All in all, a decent film that highlights child abductions, which are on the rise these days, which is really crazy and scary. 6/10. ()


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anglais I was prepared to be insulted by this film as aggressively stupid QAnon propaganda, I was prepared to take it graciously as a solidly paced thriller, but I wasn't prepared for it to be such a cruel bore. Absolutely unexciting in every way, a "retiree thriller". The events around it were orders of magnitude more interesting. ()


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