Breaking Surface

  • Canada Sous la surface (plus)
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Quelques jours après Noël, Ida et Tuva, des demi-sœurs Suédoises / Norvégiennes partent pour une plongée hivernale. Mais vers la fin de leur plongée, des rochers bloquent Tuva sous l’eau et Ida à la surface. Démunie de tout son équipement Ida va devoir se battre pour sauver sa sœur… (Mediawan)

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anglais An underwater survival drama from Sweden that spares no suspense. Two sisters go on a scuba diving trip to Norway, but through a series of unfortunate circumstances, boulders start spilling off the reef and one sister is trapped at the bottom of the ocean. The ultimate test of character, strength, determination and a race against time begins. Thanks to the short running time, the film moves quite quickly, the sisters perform proficiently, the underwater shots are beautiful and the director mines tension wherever he can. The film, by the way, was shot in Belgium in the world's deepest underwater tank. A fine one-shot. Story***, Action>No, Humor>No, Violence*, Entertainment***, Music***, Visuals****, Atmosphere****, Suspense****. 6/10. ()


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anglais I really liked it a lot until the younger sister Tuva got stuck under a big rock on the seabed. Then the illogicalities began piling up, eventually defying the laws of physics. You could just feel how the script was getting worse as time went on. On the other hand, I have to appreciate the almost flawless camera work, the perfect editing and the choice of beautiful locations where shooting took place. (60%) ()