C'est l'histoire de deux apnéistes, Jacques Mayol et Enzo Molinari. Leur aventure commence dans les îles grecques dès les années 50. Gamins, les deux plongeurs se disputent déjà tous les records des profondeurs. Vingt ans plus tard, ils se retrouvent concurrents au même championnat. " Le grand bleu ", c'est l'amitié de ces deux hommes, liés définitivement à la mer. C'est aussi une histoire d'amour entre Jacques et Johanna qui représente la terre... (Gaumont)


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français Dans la profondeur conceptuelle et poétique de l'histoire, un beau film. Je suis prêt à pardonner le mélange sauvage de drame et de comédie, c'est la France. Ce que je ne peux pas lui pardonner, c'est sa conception visuelle austère qui le tire de l'écran de cinéma vers l'écran de télévision. Du créateur de "Léon", "Nikita" ou "Atlantis", j'attends aussi une captivité visuelle. ()


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anglais For two years, The Big Blue has been taking up space on my hard drive without any use and all this time I didn't have the desire or courage to watch it, anticipating that I would significantly dislike this effort from Luc Besson. The time when it had something to offer me is long gone, very long gone. I was not mistaken and when I think about it, I get the impression that my 2 stars are quite a decent expression of my conformity with 84% satisfaction on FilmBooster and enthusiastic comments from many users. What Besson offers me, i.e., music and underwater shots, can be offered to me in a more attractive package by any nature documentary. I don't like its Hollywood sloppiness, it is empty in content and besides, I increasingly mind films that pretend to have greater depth and profound messages where all I see is more posing. Overall impression: 40%. ()



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anglais It's interesting to follow the journey of a filmmaker who was considered a phenomenon in the 1980s and nowadays no one is too sure whether the trust placed in him was a disappointment or just exaggerated expectations. Be that as it may, it's now a piece of history and the French touch of Besson is not nearly as engaging as it once was. However, in hindsight, it's quite interesting to watch then-star Rosanna Arquette in a very natural role (remember those sassy, unattractive girls of hers?), Jean-Marc Barr (who I otherwise only see in von Trier projects), and Reno, who I never know what to think of (are those poses of his still cool today)? ()


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anglais This avid diver and amateur oceanologist made himself and me happy. His film revels in the sun, in various shades of blue, and makes you want to put on a swimsuit and jump into the sea. And even though the plot itself is not very optimistic, it breathes comfort and Besson's love for the sea. And Eric Serra? He’s superb here! He applied his penchant for synthetic sounds, which he transformed into ambient surfaces that are beautiful to listen to. I own the soundtrack, it's a very relaxing album, totally different from his sound cacophony in The Fifth Element. ()

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