Un mystérieux homme masqué distribue dans le métro des invitations pour la projection d’un film d’horreur. La fiction va bientôt se confondre avec le réel lorsque les spectateurs vont subir le même sort que les personnages à l’écran… (Carlotta Films)

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anglais I know that many people give Italian horror a pass on this, but for me the absence of a reasonable script (for the standards of the genre) is a fundamental flaw that I simply can’t ignore. As a result, during the parts that should be great fun all I could do was to watch in disbelief and laugh at the behaviour of the main characters, who’ve seen logic only from a very long distance, if at all. The beginning, where reality alternates with events on screen gave me hopes for the quality of the story to follow, but that unfortunately wasn’t the case and all I got was some people running around in a cinema and toe-curling performances. The gore, however, was delicious. 50% ()

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