Les aventures du pilote Sean Harley, alias Topper Harley, poursuivi par une faute commise par son père vingt ans auparavant. Parodie des films ayant pour héros les pilotes de l'US Air Force et qui connurent leur apogée avec le fameux "Top Gun". (texte officiel du distributeur)

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anglais A legendary parody that completely captivated me even as a little boy, and even today I realize that something like this simply entertains me. It's crazy, but it's incredibly graceful at the same time. No scatological humor, no unnecessarily screaming characters, just a great parody of "Top Gun" with an even greater Charlie Sheen, who was simply born for parodies. True, I always preferred the sequel, but this is great too. ()


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anglais A canon of American crazy comedy. It doesn't only reflect on what is good for it (that which is the most spectacular), but it takes the war film/agitation genre as a whole and reveals its stupidity in complete nudity. Some gags (visual or verbal) are simply unforgettable. So: apt, funny, successful. A clear leader in its field. Some flyers have more than just steel penises... ()



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anglais Hot Shots has been, and still is one of my favorite parodies. It’s true that some scenes didn’t age very well and looked rather lame, but I myself have undergone a far more unflattering transformation during that time and Jim Abrahams never criticized me either, so I’m sticking with five stars. I can honestly say I had a great time yet again. ()

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