Stendhal Syndrome

  • France Le Syndrome de Stendhal (plus)


Une jeune inspectrice de police, victime du « syndrome de Stendhal », est sujette à des hallucinations et des vertiges en plein musée des Offices de Florence. Elle devient ensuite la proie du maniaque sexuel qu'elle cherche à arrêter. (Extralucid Films)

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anglais There are violent scenes here that are well-directed, and Dario held back and didn't exploit his daughter for once. Kretschmann is demonic enough, but the story just doesn't work all that well overall. As an insight into the inner workings of a mad mind, it's good, but certainly not exceptional. As a film, it's then too inconsistent for me, and individual impressions disperse over too long a runtime. ()


Toutes les critiques de l’utilisateur·trice

anglais Argento started flirting with CGI effects and it didn't turn out bad at all. He approached it very sensitively and used it only where it was needed. Just on the side note, this fact is not really essential when talking about this film. What matters is that Argento has not forgotten anything from his talent even after twenty-six years since his debut. He is simply a master director and still has his characteristic signature. This piece also features amazing camera work, great music, specific atmosphere, elaborate screenplay, gripping plot, and of course also a decent amount of gore, although not as much as in his other films. The seductive beauty Asia Argento is completely dominant in the main role and delivers her solo performance. Argento doesn't even need to look for other beautiful and talented actresses for his films when he has the most suitable one right at home. Moreover, he doesn't spare her at all and doesn't behave towards her as a kind and loving father. He mentally breaks her down, immerses her in bizarre hallucinations (in one of them, she kisses a quite strange fish), lets her cut her long hair, or completely paint her from head to toe with tempera colors. And if that wasn't enough, he lets her be raped twice by a blonde slimeball (great Thomas Kretschmann) and really stretches out and intensifies those scenes – after all, he won't shorten his daughter's suffering. But that's just how it goes when you're the daughter of a film genius who doesn't shy away from anything in art and is completely devoted to his craft – and is a bit crazy. I was already thinking I would easily give this film the full five stars, but the slower second half of the film slightly damages it, as well as the somewhat predictable ending. But otherwise, absolute satisfaction. Dario Argento rules! ()


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