Alice est une femme au foyer issue de la haute société new yorkaise. Mère de deux enfants et épouse irréprochable, elle trompe l’ennui en se rendant à des cocktails avec ses amies, et se passionne pour l’oeuvre de Mère Teresa. Alors qu’elle souffre d’un mal de dos récurrent, on lui conseille d’aller voir le docteur Yang. Le guérisseur va alors lui prescrire des potions aux effets inattendus... (LaCinetek)


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anglais A Woody Allen fairy tale. The humor is scarce, but it's there ("Nothing fazes a New York cabbie!", the muse, the final party), the main character is naivety and tenderness personified, the pleasant story is easy to predict (but what kind of a fairy tale would it be then, right?).... What I liked most was the character of "Doctor" Yang and his supply of herbs. I'd take the invisibility herb every now and again. ()


Toutes les critiques de l’utilisateur·trice

anglais I smiled at the clever ending of the refined Alice, eagerly anticipating what the next herbs would do, and admired the gentle closeness of the fantastic flashbacks. And yet there is a bit of a lack of the masculine element. The usual wisecracks are purely Mia Farrow's jurisdiction this time, and while she is amazing as usual, as a character actress, she has a bit of trouble with that lightness. And the slow pace, which by Woody Allen's standards is more generous in terms of duration, is a huge obstacle. ()


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