Le Gardien

  • États-Unis The Beekeeper (plus)
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Dans Le Gardien, la quête brutale de vengeance d’un homme prend des proportions démesurées alors que son passé d’agent secret d’une puissante organisation clandestine connue sous le nom des Apiculteurs est révélé. (VVS Films)

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anglais It's kind of all the same - a former super agent in retirement seeking revenge for the death of his beloved neighbor... definitely giving off John Wick vibes, with some decent fights and an interesting plot, although the ending is a bit over the top. Overall, a successful action movie that won't disappoint. The correlation with the current political situation in the USA is quite amusing - two stars. ()


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anglais An enjoyable, simple, effective and gritty action flick from the old school, for fans of intense action. Jason Statham is an actor I'm always happy to see in an action film and this one is rather reminiscent of his films of 10 years back, but that's okay. Here we have a former agent of the mysterious Beekepers organization who goes to execute revenge on the scumbags who are robbing innocent and old people (phishing scams) (thanks to the organization's novel lore, it's at least a little more interesting). In short, we all love these roles of retired agents who have to get back into action, and Statham takes them down for the whole movie! There's a lot of action, Statham takes on both SWAT and Delta teams (no ordinary people, but all tough guys with experience, but even they don't stand a chance). There are some of those army tricks (the elevator scene is the best), or how Statham marches alone like the biggest dude among the whole SWAT unit, so that was a very cool moment. Too bad there weren't more agents from the Beekepers organization after him. The final act is cool too, with a bunch of assassins coming to the rescue, and the final duel with the fighter without a leg is intense and brutal as fuck. Statham uses maybe four types of martial arts – Aikido, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu – and I thoroughly enjoyed it. David Ayer made me happy with this actioner right off the edge of the year. 8/10. ()


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