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  • anglais The Last Theft (plus)
Court métrage / Animation / Horreur / Policier
Tchécoslovaquie, 1987, 22 min


A sarcastic story about a thief who becomes the victim of his own victims. His victims come from the other world and take his most precious posession - his blood. The phantasmal atmosphere of the film is achieved through artificial animation colouring in a motion picture. (texte officiel du distributeur)

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anglais The Last Theft is an excellent choice for lovers of film experiments, whimsical tales, and visually remarkable movies. The plot is secondary; the decisive element is the atmosphere of mystery and caricatured decadence, created by a plethora of bizarre props, the play of light, colored backgrounds, and captivating music. The storyline is essentially just a 20-minute extended anecdote about punished greed, but thanks to its visual originality and artistic composition, The Last Theft is exactly the kind of film that appeals to me. It's a pity they are such a rarity... The blood-sucking machine will forever belong to the golden collection of my film memories. Overall impression: 95%. ()

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