The Unknown


Alonzo vient d’assassiner un homme. Poursuivi par la police, il trouve refuge dans un petit cirque gitan. Parce que les autorités à ses trousses savent qu’il souffre d’une malformation à une main, Alonzo cache ses bras dans un corset. Il devient ainsi un lanceur de couteau officiant avec ses pieds. Mais sous ce chapiteau où se côtoient de bien étranges créatures se trouve Nanon, la plus belle jeune femme qu’Alonzo n’ai jamais vue. Craintive, ne supportant pas le contact des mains des hommes sur elle, Nanon tombe amoureuse du faux infirme… (LaCinetek)


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anglais Tod Browning is one of the most misunderstood filmmakers of the silent and early sound era. Yet his films are beautiful and remain so years later. Alonzo, portrayed by the great Lon Chaney, is a beautiful tragic character with whom one can empathize, yet also find it difficult to like. However, in contrast to the other characters, he is still the hero. Tod Browning wasn't afraid of horror elements, details, or romance. Everything fits perfectly in his films. ()


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anglais Tacit eloquence relying mainly on the charms of Crawford and Chaney’s unarguable charisma and acting talent. But what gave this movie immorality came along seventy years after the movie was made. It was then that the Alloy Orchestra decided to record the best ever accompanying music for this and a whole range of silent movies, adding the necessary punch and a wave of emotions and energy to this truncated version of the movie. And in doing so, they created a whole new movie. Better; perfect. ()


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