Melvin Udall, un écrivain misanthrope, écrit à la chaîne des romans sentimentaux qui comblent son sens pervers de l'autoridérision et lui permettent de vivre confortablement. Sa vie est réglée comme du papier à musique, il évite le contact humain hormis celui de Carol Connelly, une jeune mère célibataire, serveuse dans un restaurant où il prend ses repas. Un jour, Simon Bishop, son voisin, artiste gay, est defiguré par deux voyous, le fils de Carol tombe malade et Melvin hérite du chien de Simon pendant son séjour à l'hôpital. Sa vie en est toute bouleversée. (texte officiel du distributeur)


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anglais One of the best romantic comedies with a smart premise, a great cast and a razor-sharp script. Jack Nicholson played his role superbly and Helen Hunt was the perfect counterpart (but no worse). Then you just add a couple of really all-round characters, one cute little dog, let the protagonists spout waves of amazing lines and it is as good as it gets. My overall impression was a bit spoiled by the sometimes overly harsh character swings and changes throughout the film, but otherwise I have nothing to complain about. In short, it was a great movie that made me laugh and if it wasn't for a few bugs, I would have given it a full score. ()


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anglais A weird romance, well acted but badly written. In the world it takes place (normal reality), that script doesn’t work at all. Either the behaviour and the motivations of the characters would have to change completely, or the rules of that world. In its unaltered form, it’s weird, ineffective and detached from reality nonsense, but watchable nonetheless. PS: At certain moments the great Jack Nicholson reminded me of myself (the way he walks on the pavement, I do that sometimes :-D…) and it scared me quite a bit. ()



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anglais I just love this movie. There's nothing I can do about it. The performances here are so captivating that even after watching it multiple times, I'm still in awe. Jack Nicholson's ability to embody a character with his entire being is almost unbelievable. Helen Hunt is a great counterpart/partner to him, and she is excellently supported by others like Greg Kinnear and Cuba Gooding Jr. Not to mention Verdell. That dog is unreal. An excellent romance with absolutely great catchphrases. ()


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anglais Nicholson’s character is not very realistic, but it should be clear to the more intelligent viewers what the film wants to say. It is a generational piece that has not suffered the ravages of time in the slightest, yet I do not believe it is as universally appealing as, for example, Up in the Air, which is a class better, but just a generation later. ()


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anglais A film where everything fits together too well for it not to be great and unique. The script is packed with original ideas, strong characters and tragicomic moments where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry (and all they need is to add a cute dog to the story). The director knows very well how to mix the fates of the characters with the maximum catharsis and how to time that load of brilliant one-liners and dialogues. And then you have the best actor of all time in front of the camera in his most entertaining role, you will fall in love with him despite his shortcomings (but I don’t want to play down Greg Kinnear and Helen Hunt, who are also superb). A tasteful and entertaining comedy that teach us things can always get better – and that it can be achieved. ()

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