L'Homme qui voulut être roi

  • Canada L'Homme qui voulut être roi (plus)
Grande-Bretagne / États-Unis, 1975, 129 min (alternative 124 min)

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A la fin du XIXème siècle, Rudyard Kipling, un jeune journaliste installé en Inde, fait la connaissance de Daniel Dravot et de Peachy Carnehan, deux anciens sergents de l'armée britannique à la recherche de la fortune et de la gloire. Après un long et périlleux voyage via l'Afghanistan, ces derniers pénètrent dans une contrée sauvage, le Kafristan, où des villageois sont en guerre contre une ville rivale. Tous deux s'engagent dans la bataille. Au cours des combats, Dravot reçoit une flèche en pleine poitrine, mais continue à lutter. En réalité, la flèche s'est plantée dans la catouchière. Mais aux yeux du peuple, il passe pour un être surnaturel, le dieu Sikander, fils d'Alexandre le Grand. Après ce miracle supposé, Dravot est proclamé roi du Kafristan et bénéficie de la puissance absolue. Mais le pouvoir peut corrompre même le meilleur des hommes. (texte officiel du distributeur)


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anglais This isn’t a “made in Hollywood" movie about Bolek Polívka, King of Moravian Walachia, as some of you might think, but about different self-declared rulers. But in view of the fact that Huston was purely and simply king at making this sort of perfectly-acted adventure spectaculars, it doesn’t matter. The chemistry between Connery and Caine is so perfect that I can’t think of any duo of screen comrades that can beat it. Personally, I’m not at all surprised at the Kafirstanis that they confused Connery with a god. And what with his performance, I wasn’t far away from making the same mistake myself. And since it’s so easy to become a ruler, I’m off to join the ranks of the blue blooded. But I’ll be more clever about it. I’ll focus on the west, on civilized countries if the east has already been divided up. I bet they’re waiting for me with bated breath. At least I hope so; at worst I can at least take in a bit of sightseeing. ()


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anglais A great film, literally ruled by Connery and Cain. What more can I say? If you like adventure, suspense, British humor, films about friendship being tested, and films that show you an idea to ponder for a long time... The Man Who Would Be King is here for you. Scenes like the one with the avalanche, the ball game, the wedding or the suspension bridge are unforgettable. ()



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anglais Fame and fortune! An honest to goodness adventure movie about two crafty soldiers willing to travel to the ends of the earth for money, until a crown and a women made them stray from their path. Amazing production design and the excellent cast entertains even after all these years. Danny and Peachy are such an entertaining pair that I would like to see another story with them, maybe from their army days. ()

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