Comédie érotique d'une nuit d'été

  • États-Unis A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy


Au cours de l'été 1905, Andrew et sa femme reçoivent leurs amis dans une maison de campagne. Mais ce qui aurait pu être un séjour parfaitement agréable et reposant, devient un chassé-croisé agité, où chacun des protagonistes va révéler ses faiblesses, ses désirs inavoués et ses frustations. (Swashbuckler Films)

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anglais "Sex alleviates tension and love causes it." This is how it can turn out when a master directs a relaxing film. I thought it would just be a little toy for Woody Allen's pleasure, but amidst a flood of gags and occasional pessimistic thoughts, everything converges into a captivating parody of dramas about fateful decisions and bundles of thoughts on the same subject. The only director from whom I can list ten more significant films on the spot, and yet I know that he deserves a fifth star for this one as well. ()


Toutes les critiques de l’utilisateur·trice

anglais A very nice, almost cute film. It’s just ticklish and funny enough, sensationally acted (Julie Hagerty is an absolutely charming creature). And I didn't even mind the lack of jazz, as Woody Allen sucked all the music out of Mendelssohn Bartholdy this time. What amused me as much as a lot of the jokes and pranks were the constant playing with the camera and its long shots. ()


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