Benjamin est un jeune programmateur peu sociable jusqu’à sa rencontre avec le charismatique Max. Tout les oppose, mais ils partagent un centre d’intérêt : le hacking. (Mediawan)

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anglais I can easily confess that this film surprised me from the very beginning by its dynamics. It has a simple premise that is put into a complexity of the hacking world and it has a very decent pace. My only problem with it was the ambiguity not only of the story itself, but also of the timeline, which was pretty confusing. You will eventually find the logic in the story and in the end be surprised by its great and innovative ending. ()


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anglais An unexpected hit and quite possibly the best film from Germany and the best film related to hacking. A very interesting story supported by intelligent dialogues and solid young actors introduces us to the world of cybercrime in a very brisk and engaging way. The depiction of internet communication is presented in a dark and visually captivating way, the rivalry between the hackers is very competent and there are enjoyable twists and turns throughout, with the final one being a climactic mindfuck and one of the greatest audience fuck-ups I've ever seen. A beautiful trip into the recesses of the Dark Net. 85% ()


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anglais While I had a decent time, there were some glaring logical gaps in the film and a lack of originality. At times, it felt like a mix of The Usual Suspects and Fight Club, but oh well. That said, I wasn't bored for a moment, so I don't regret the time I spent watching. Plus, I wouldn't want to anger any hacking cell with a bad review; Bridgestone stepped back, so why should I play hero? / Lesson learned: Don't mess with hackers if you want to play an online game. ()


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anglais Crazily good! I really wasn’t expecting to get such a portion of action drama, plus occasional funny moments and a wonderfully complex story. I didn’t get bored for a minute and I really enjoyed this movie. I saw Who Am I - No System Is Safe during the "Das Filmfest" annual festival of German movies, where I was expecting to see those dreary and depressing stories that I like. But the story about the hacker really got to me. The actors, the music, the special effects and the overall pace and oomph were all top rate. ()