Blow Up

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Dans le Swinging London des années 1960, Thomas est un photographe de mode à succès. Il réalise des séries pour des magazines, est assailli par de jeunes groupies prêtes à tout pour poser devant son objectif… Mais la mode n'est pas sa seule passion et il arpente Londres à la recherche du cliché. Ainsi dans un parc de la ville, il photographie un couple s'enlaçant. La femme l'ayant aperçu, elle insiste lourdement pour récupérer les négatifs. Thomas refuse et intrigué fait d'immenses agrandissements de ses clichés. Il y découvre une main tenant un pistolet et un cadavre caché dans un buisson. (LaCinetek)


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anglais Absolutely breathtaking "volatile" filmmaking. I can't write about what it's about, I can't articulate the mindset of the film enough, but I feel like it's a plastic testimony about the time of creation, a plastic portrait of fatigue by everything - women, art, even death - that words are useless here. An art film that has everything. A unique film. ()


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anglais An intellectually rich movie that tackles the obscure and confusing objectivity of our existence and experiences in a uniquely subjective way. If you’re an average film fan and tune in early to Antonioni's challenging associative game and accept that you’re watching a story free from traditional narrative equations, you will purr in delight at Blow-up, but if you want to be too objective in judging the film's message or genre classification, you will probably walk away disappointed and be left with "only" a visually and aurally timeless and crystal clear piece of filmmaking. I remained stuck somewhere in between, even though the final symbolic scene seemed to be screaming "Give me five, give me five!"...... Maybe next time. 80% ()



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anglais It is comforting to me that it was not liked by my family either, even though my father had longed for it in his day. Yet when seen through today's eyes, he didn't find much interesting about it. And we walk that road together hand in hand. It's just a regular detective story, dominated by the feeling of 1966. The main roles are played by two idiots and we distinguished them by the colors of their green and red stockings. And I find Vanessa Redgrave beautiful as she gets older, so much so in recent years. I really don't appreciate the sweaty trendy girls of London back then. ()


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anglais A misty haze of uncertainty, confusion, and loss, along with a refreshing breeze of freedom, admiration, and the scent of the world. Personal feelings and impersonal touches. A flood of ideas and at the same time straightforward, animalistic, and a testimony permeated by its indifference and spontaneity. It is a pity that the conclusion is too abstract and lacks coherence in its mood, and the impersonality rather harms it in this case. 75% with a very pleasant melancholic resonance of ongoing moods. ()


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anglais Of course, I was expecting something completely different from the film, but that's only because I had read bits and pieces about it here and there, which kept postponing its viewing. A person then forms a completely different image than what they actually get. There are, however, scenes that simply captivated me and were impossible to tear away from, so I rate it better than most of the director's films. ()

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