Y a-t-il un pilote dans l'avion ?

  • États-Unis Airplane! (plus)


Au cours d’un vol régulier sur une ligne intérieure des Etats-Unis, tous les membres de l’équipage d’un long-courrier sont victimes d’une intoxication alimentaire. (Swashbuckler Films)

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anglais Airplane! may have a cult status within the parody genre, but unfortunately, I didn’t get its humour. Although it has many not entirely futile references to other contemporary films, they are delivered in such a shallow manner that they left me completely cold in most cases. Lloyd Bridges probably amused me the most ("bad day to stop doing this and that") and it's a shame Leslie Nielsen didn't get more space. The central lovelorn pair were completely out of place, very far from Topper and Ramada from Hot Shots. ()


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anglais This is just amazing. I know I've seen this movie before, but I'm sure I could appreciate it more now, having seen more films over the years. This is incredibly funny, and even though there are some pretty cringeworthy things here, there are also absolutely brilliant jokes that you'll appreciate only when you watch the original version. The English here has great verbal humor. Bravo, ZAZ! ()



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anglais A relaxed parody that benefits from the fact that conventions in the genre of disaster films have remained the same for years, so parodying them does not age. True, I don't get many allusions to period cinema anymore, but the parody of Saturday Night Fever is just delicious. Fasten your seatbelt, please! it offers a decent variety of gags and satisfactorily blackened humor, plus the good "overacting" of the individual actors. Fresh even after years! ()


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anglais A classic that does not reach the quality of the best works of the famous trio of directors, but with its intelligent and omnipresent humour and unforgettable actors still ranks among the absolute best in comedy. ()

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