Jean et Pierre sont deux vagabonds inséparables que tout oppose : le premier est jeune et athée tandis que le second est âgé et croyant. Un jour, ils décident de faire le chemin de Saint-Jacquesde-Compostelle, non dans un quelconque but spirituel, mais dans l'espoir d'accumuler les aumônes. Les deux amis vont croiser sur leur route toute une galerie de personnages qui semblent sortir tout droit de la Bible. Leur périple s'avère finalement beaucoup plus mystique que prévu... (Carlotta Films)


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anglais I understand Luis Buñuel and he regularly receives good reviews from me. This time won't be as good, even though I think that The Milky Way is among his very best films, and it is a joy to watch his surrealistic games while two tramps travel across France and Spain to the pilgrimage site in Santiago de Compostela. Paradoxically, I will not give the highest rating because Buñuel is floating at intellectual heights this time and I do not always understand his theological games. This film will probably be enjoyed by someone who has theology at their fingertips, but they might consider some of Buñuel's provocative thoughts heretical. This is what The Name of the Rose would have been if the director had not gone down the path of a medieval detective story, but followed the venerable William of Baskerville in his theological debates and reflections. Monty Python took on what is universally known in Life of Brian and therefore had a much easier task. Buñuel embarked on a more difficult path, which is far from suitable for everyone. But that applies to his filmmaking in general. Overall impression: 85%. ()

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