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kaylinAu nom de ma fille(2016) 

Even though the story is based on a true event, it's a powerful narrative, and the creators managed to convey the strength of this story into the film. Sure, I like it because it's essentially a revenge movie, even… (Plus)

OthelloIl était temps(2013) 

What at first appeared to be a not particularly breezy, but thanks to the constant hinting that Rachel McAdams might show mammary glands, watchable romance in a genetically engineered Britain where there are hardly any… (Plus)

POMOLes Larmes du soleil(2003) 

The biggest problem with this movie is that it pretends to be a deep drama reflecting cruel actual events in the African jungle. And though it does depict those events in a really naturalistic way (I hadn’t had such a… (Plus)