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Paul, un Américain établi à Paris, et Jeanne font connaissance alors qu'ils visitent, un matin d'hiver, un grand appartement vide. Ils font l'amour sans rien savoir l'un de l'autre, pas même leurs prénoms. Paul loue l'appartement et le couple s'y donne rendez-vous jusqu'à ce que la situation devienne insoutenable. (Park Circus)

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anglais “Quo vadis, baby?“ I’m still not at the point when I would be pleased only by a view of anal sex and a quick death, or I don’t know and have no desire to know who is treating their trauma through film/in a film. More than the atmosphere of decadence, more than Storaro’s slightly masturbatory cinematography and more than the effort to depict the sexual revolution without embellishments, I am amazed by Brando’s performance. His gestures, diction, looks. I hated Paul, but I loved his company. Appendix: I still like butter. ()


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anglais Last Tango in Paris is one of the favorite polarizing films that always reveal whether you're going to be a young cinephile or not. So until you're in your twenties, just keep watching, add Salo, or The 120 Days of Sodom and Freaks and you'll feel like a revolutionary rebellious intellectual. Then you realize that the same story repeats itself every generation, but that doesn't matter. The bottom line is that butter is not a good enough lubricant. ()



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anglais A film where Marlon Brando unquestionably reigns supreme, which in his case seems incredibly effortless. But he was able to simply play every role to the fullest. Yes, even today, the film remains quite controversial, and the butter scene is unforgettable because it's not just about what's happening but also about what's implied. ()

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