Après la mort de son mari, Caterina Silveri parte s’installer en Italie avec son fils Joe. Cantatrice couronnée de succès, Caterina néglige son fils qui ne sait comment attirer son attention. Lors d’une soirée mondaine, la chanteuse découvre avec effroi que Joe se drogue. (LaCinetek)

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anglais Although it may seem absurd, I was reminded of Prometheus by Ridley Scott in connection with Luna just a while ago. Both films of course belong to completely different genres, and the directors use different methods and want to appeal to different audiences, but the result is somehow equally poor compared to their potential, budget, and the director's name. Similar is the reaction of a significant part of film fans who seek and find something different in the film than what is actually there. Bernardo Bertolucci is, of course, too good a filmmaker for there to be no interesting image or scene in his film, but compared to what the exteriors and the actors he had at his disposal offered, it is a painful failure. However, the main problem remains the poor motivation and psychology of the characters, the unbelievable plot, the idiotic behavior of the (anti)heroes, and the overall screenplay. This psychological drama somehow fits into the atmosphere of the 70s and the category of films for art-house audiences. The controversy of the sexual relationship between a mother and a son, in my opinion, has already been exhausted, but this only brings out the shortcomings of the screenplay even more. Overall impression: 25%. ()

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