Une jeune productrice de télévision, Jane, est attirée par Tom, le présentateur vedette de sa chaine. Mais Aaron, amis et collègue de travail, est jaloux de la situation. Partagée entre les deux hommes, la jeune femme assiste avec impuissance à la lutte qu'ils mènent pour la séduire... (texte officiel du distributeur)

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anglais The 80s original of Sorkin's Newsroom (which I mean as a compliment), in other words its non-news part that is relaxed in terms of relationships, when in addition to the same style there is also an unacknowledged inspiration of many characters. For example, MacKenzie McHale is such a faithful copy (in terms of behavior, abilities, craziness, obsession, articulacy and talkativeness) of the local Jane Craig that you can hardly tell them apart. Yes, it could have been shorter, and in the second half it shouldn't have turned completely into a relationship movie "one she and two they" at the expense of that behind-the-scenes insight into the news media, but overall it's very likeable and nice. But even so, the best part is that pre-subtitle prologue is worth having its own movie. ()


Toutes les critiques de l’utilisateur·trice

anglais A great film that blends comedy with drama in such nuances where many scenes resonate both comedically and tragically at the same time. It's as if you expect a different reaction from the actors than the one they present. This doesn't often happen to me, but it's evident that here, a good script was handed to very skilled actors. ()


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