Installé à New York après la mort de ses parents, Axel Blackmar mène une vie heureuse, recensant les poissons pour le compte du département de la pêche et de la chasse. Mais son oncle Leo, vendeur de voitures en Arizona sur le point de se remarier, le rappelle pour lui servir de témoin et, espère-t-il, de repreneur. Sur place, Axel va se retrouver balloté entre ses propres rêves, ceux de deux femmes, ceux de son oncle... (Les Films de l'Atalante)


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anglais The film may lack Balkan vitality and energy, but Kusturica replaces it with poetics and irony with which he captures the American consumer dream. It's a film about maturing, about searching for love and a place in life. This time, Kusturica works with an exceptional cast; alongside the biggest stars, I was impressed by Lili Taylor in the role of neurotic Grace. This film contains a tremendous amount of emotions, passion, hatred, depression, and optimism. Death is symbolized by an ambulance, soaring into the sky, flying fish appear unexpectedly, and none of the characters behave according to established norms. An excellent film that will be appreciated by connoisseurs with a great dose of imagination. Overall impression: 95%. ()



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anglais It's okay, Emir just lives outside my universe. I find Goran Bregović's contribution unacceptable, as well as the imaginary fish and Depp's performance, who staggered then, just as now, between art films and commercial hits, and one could wallpaper one's room with him or let him go his own way. ()


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anglais Arizona is a beautiful place, Faye Dunaway is an ageless drama queen, Johnny Depp is a master actor who could play absolutely anything at such a young age, and Emir Kusturica is a director who defines "freelance" better than Jim Jarmusch and the Coen brothers combined. A touching, entertaining and in every circumstance original experience about the fact that dreams should be fulfilled and that it doesn't matter how bizarre their fulfilment looks. :-) 85% ()

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