In a close presidential race, four journalists are selected to serve on a debate panel just days before the election in an effort to better characterize the candidates. As the debate airs live, the panel bombards one of the candidates with a series of questions about reported physical abuse of women, leading to chaos. Over the next few days, as the pundits and the people debate the ethical behavior of the panel, one reporter, Tom Chapman, decides to seek out the truth about what happened behind closed doors, calling into question the power of the media.Director John Badham (WAR GAMES, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER) has crafted a fascinating look at the Washington political machinery in THE LAST DEBATE, based on the novel by broadcaster Jim Lehrer. The so-called Williamsburgh Four are intensely played by James Garner, Donna Murphy, Marco Sanchez, and Audra McDonald, with Peter Gallagher playing the reporter out to find the truth. This political drama, packed with real-life pundits, came out the same week that a number of serious ethical questions were raised in the too-close-to-call Gore-Bush race, making the film as timely as it is intelligent. (texte officiel du distributeur)