• Italie L'avventura (plus)

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De jeunes gens oisifs et fortunés font une croisière en Méditerranée près des îles Eoliennes.
Lors d'une escale sur l'île volcanique de Lisca Bianca, Anna, une jeune héritière désabusée, disparaît mystérieusement. L'amant et la meilleure amie entreprennent des recherches. Une idylle naît entre eux. (Éditions Montparnasse)

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anglais One of the best examples of Italian arthouse cinema of the 1960s, where filmmakers attempted to outline the problematic relationships and love mood of the social elite of the time. Antonioni slowly and methodically presents us with a simple story about a love triangle, which he spices up with a mysterious plot, while his ambiguous narrative language forces us to think about the seen and the suspected, the spoken and the silenced, the purely subjective and the mysteriously irrational, just like in his later Blow-up. To some it may logically seem like a wannabe artistic fable aimed at awards at independent film festivals, but I was able to immerse myself in the story and ignore its emotional austerity and shallow romantic cloyingness. 75% ()


Toutes les critiques de l’utilisateur·trice

anglais A good plot at the beginning, where the pace doesn't bother yet, but what happens with the film afterwards is simply less interesting than what it could have been. Michelangelo Antonioni is extremely drawn-out in this work and even though the pace is slow, it manages to stroke rather than bore. Unfortunately, even this didn't prevent the film from not being able to affect me more. ()


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