Pee Wee est un personnage original doté d’une âme d’enfant. Il vit dans sa bulle et parcourt les routes sur son vélo aux multiples gadgets. Un jour, il se le fait voler. Désespéré, Pee Wee consulte une voyante qui lui indique que son vélo se trouve à Fort Alamo, au Texas. Pee Wee se lance alors à la poursuite du voleur, dans un voyage farfelu et parsemé de rencontres inattendues. (LaCinetek)


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anglais What irritated me most about Tim Burton's first feature film was the lead character Pee-Wee. In the first few minutes, I even felt like turning the film off, but I wanted to see how the plot would develop. And I was not wrong, at least not completely. Pee-Wee acts slightly like a dick throughout the film, his antics are off the mark and at the height of awkwardness at times, but that's really not Burton's fault. The story is a bit flimsy, but that doesn't matter. The other supporting characters are also bizarre and at times I got that typical Burtonian vibe from the sets or special effects, which is more characteristic of his other films. In short, it's a film in which you have to deal with the wacky character of Pee-Wee, otherwise it's a pretty passable piece of filmmaking. ()

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